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17th June, 2013

TFP shooting

I do  not  do  TFP or “SHOOT ME FOR FREE”

This story was published on  my  pages on  social networks. Lately  I have increasingly begun to abandon the TFP (TFP shooting) and the reason is simple - I have enough material  for retouch  and  portfolio and  this will  be  enough  for  a few years ahead.

I sometimes shoot TFP - under certain conditions

such as (the idea, plot, model, makeup artist, facilities, stylists, and all this for the sake of - of something or someone, who would be able to pay the costs) – remark- the cost do  not include makeup artist, stylist, model etc. under the terms of TFP / / / this is nonsense  which will turn into a farce and irresponsibility.

Then, it happens very  often  that  an  a - la "popular person") offers him/herself to shoot for free. Those individuals measure their popularity  themselves and , therefore, they boldly say to me something  like: ‘ - I - I - and again I – do not pay  money  for photo shooting! I'm so cool that they shoot me for free.’

I want to ask them a lot of questions right away (but in  PM I  am  politely  silent), so I address these questions here:

- And do you  also eat for free (breakfast, lunch, dinner, free transportation (free gasoline), have shoes and clothes for free, free hairdresser, having your nails done  for free, delivery from  web stores you get  FOR FREE , and just as in the case of diarrhea  you fly  into  a public toilet with  the words: ‘- I sh*t for FREE, open the door!!!’

I understand that there are people –well-hyped - and they live by barter and it works - but why should a photographer be obliged to you? - You sang to me  or danced for me or showed me on  TV? Or I shoot  with Hasselblad but not  with  Canon  thanks to  you?

So, dear "shoot me for free" - it is not even TFP, this is a show-off. Ashamed to say  it out loud, but ( if so you are so cool!!) - Payment for the photographer is not more than an hour of service  in a nail salon, or beauty salon (depends on  you ), and retouching  your photos – it is done manually- takes many hours of manual work. Did you buy Globus Gourmet bread from the bakery ? handmade cakes ? –so the price for everything hand- made is HIGH., and therefore it is expensive to make your photo album manually (with many hours of professional retouching).

And furthermore: For those who  like shooting for free, you should  find yourself  an agent who will still pay for you, for all the services you do  not notice or forget  about .. And as soon as you have such  an  agent, he may come by and I will  discuss your  "free" photo shoot with  him.

                                                                                                                     Best wishes, Aleksey G