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About me

People are so  naive.. In the pursuit of material wealth, they forget that what has the most value is the moment in which they now live. Time passes, and many come to understand that the most important thing is that which they just missed out. In trying to recall the happiest moments of their  life, they regret to realize that the borders have long been destroyed, and the image of youth brought before the eyes is rather blurred... And only photos can resurrect in the mind those moments that make the heart beat faster.


Who is he, the good photographer who is able to capture reality in all its colors? He is a man who knows how, with a single press on the shutter release, to create a picture from which it is impossible to look away. It is not enough to have the most modern equipment and be able to photograph ... For this he needs the talent and desire to invest a piece of his soul and warmth in each picture. It is hardly an exaggeration to compare the photographer with an artist who puts a piece of himself into his paintings.


My name is Aleksey. I am a photographer who is trying not only to record any event in people's lives, but also to reveal the inner world of everyone who was captured in the image.


I have not parted with my camera since I  was 12. My parents developed  a love of beauty and curiosity in me. Like many photographers of our time, I started to work with old film cameras. Each new camera, given to me by my parents, was a miracle for me.


Years have passed, but my love for  photography remains. Shooting  loved ones and strangers, I'm not standing still, I am developing. I have completed level 1 and 2 of the Academy of Photography. The three stages of certification in ADOBE PHOTOSHOP are also my little achievement. The certification confirms that I am a retoucher with European and American levels of knowledge and techniques of retouching.


I have learned to love my customers and have become a real psychologist. Each picture made by me  since I became a professional photographer, is my pride, because I put all my  skill and soul into them.


Today my clients are  people who need a real photographer, able to capture the happiness that overwhelms them on a special  day. I do not just take pictures, but also emphasize all the external and internal virtues of the models. It does not take me long  to explain exactly how a picture should look, because I have learned to understand the wishes of the models without further ado. Professional studio photography, portrait photography, wedding photography, photography of any level of complexity - this is only part of what your photographer, and this is me, offers to his customers


In addition to working with individual clients, I also actively cooperate with the glossy magazines, advertising, modeling and travel agencies and a variety of print media in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Without false modesty, I can say that I'm not just a fashion photographer, but a fashion photographer who is valued for his  ability to create new photo shots. Do you need a photographer who will make a unique catalog or portfolio, or capture  the most significant events in your life? Then I invite you to a shooting!